Train hard.

Eat clean.

In collaboration with Training Grounds Crows Nest, we designed meals to suit the high intensity of training and recovery.

The meals are unbelievably good. Healthy, fresh and just straight up tasty!

Ersin KaplanBlue Belt

So delicious, heaps of variety and reasonably priced. Loving the meals

Cam RowstenPurple Belt

Order your TG menu before Friday 10 pm for pick up the following week TUESDAY!

The Fit Chef
17/06/2019 – 28/06/2019


Fennel-grape salad;poached-pulled chicken strips|pine nuts|rocket|radicchio leaves|couscous|cherry tomatoes|balsamic dressing
Calories:380 Protein:30g Fat:20g Carbs:20g

Mild Chili beef with broccoli & oyster sauce;red peppers|glass noodles|coriander|cashew nuts

Calories:510 Protein:45g Fat:25g Carbs:45g


Lentils-mung & green bean salad;smoked tofu|cos lettuce|cabbage|carrots|almonds|yoghurt-herb dressing
Calories:360 Protein:25g Fat:20g Carbs:20g
Grilled chicken breast with lemon thyme;green peas-pearl barley risotto|eggplant chutney
Calories:480 Protein:45g Fat:20g Carbs:40g


Rocket-Apple-walnut salad;grilled zucchini noodles|haloumi|herbs|organic millet|red cabbage|balsamic dressing
Calories:380 Protein:25g Fat:20g Carbs:20g
Low fat Beef meatballs braised in crushed tomatoes;mashed potato|roasted kohlrabi|spinach|basil
Calories:510 Protein:45g Fat:25g Carbs:40g


Chicken-pumpkin-feta salad;baby spinach|cashew nuts|pomegranate|mint|cabbage|quinoa|lemon dressing
Calories:380 Protein:35g Fat:20g Carbs:15g
Winter Beef-veggie casserole;chick peas|spinach|brown rice|lemon zest|rosemary|seasonal vegetables
Calories:500 Protein:45g Fat:25g Carbs:40g


Black eye pea salad with grilled mushrooms;rocket|cherry tomatoes|boiled eggs|rocket|kipfler potatoes|mustard dressing|snow pea sprouts
Calories:360 Protein:25g Fat:20g Carbs:25g
Salmon fish cake;roasted sweet potato|red cabbage salad|sweet corn salsa |lemon|mint
Calories:490 Protein:35g Fat:20g Carbs:30g

The Fit Chef
03/06/2019 – 14/06/2019

Due to MONDAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY pick up has changed to TUESDAY!

Weekly menu special for only $90 plus GST (8 meals)


Grilled Salmon-fennel salad;grapes|dill|cos lettuce|cucumber|red cabbage|organic millet|cherry tomatoes|almond slivers|lemon dressing
Calories:380 Protein:30g Fat:20g Carbs:20g  
Beef Koftas;sweet potato oven chips|grilled zuchini|yoghurt-harrissa dip|lemon|herbs
Calories:470 Protein:45g Fat:30g Carbs:30g  


Super green three-pea salad;boiled egg|grilled haloumi|quinoa|cherry tomatoes|radicchio leaves|balsamic dressing
Calories:360 Protein:25g Fat:20g Carbs:20g 
Thai style chicken stir fry;bok choy|cabbage|carrots|broccoli|chili|coriander|mint|soy sauce|lemongrass|jasmine rice|peanuts
Calories:450 Protein:45g Fat:30g Carbs:30g 


Spicy, Mexican-beef salad;roasted corn|red kidney beans|carrots|tomatoes|cucumber|rocket leaves|mint|chili-lemon dressing
Calories:380 Protein:35g Fat:20g Carbs:15g 
Light Vegetarian lasagna;red bell peppers|leek|eggplant|zucchini|tomatoes|spinach|ricotta cheese
Calories:480 Protein:35g Fat:30g Carbs:55g  


Mandarin-Iceberg lettuce-chicken salad;couscous|herbs|red cabbage|cashew nuts|green beans|mustard dressing
Calories:350 Protein:30g Fat:20g Carbs:20g  
Grilled Barramundi filet;roasted Mediterranean vegetables|quince-lemon thyme chutney|brown rice|basil
Calories:450 Protein:40g Fat:30g Carbs:30g